William Gregory

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A native Texan, Pastor Tim Gregory was born on Galveston Island growing up in a small town not far away where he was the all American boy, football player and karate champion. He received his high school diploma and graduated college with his business/financial degree. He then was hired on at a top financial company where God interjected that he had other plans for Tim’s life. Having a new found love for Christ, Tim left his job and went back to school continuing his education and teaching Tim became the youth leader at the church he was attending, met, fell in love with and married his beautiful wife Julie, who also shares his love with God first, helping others and teaching. He was ordained by the senior Pastor and board of trustees, in time becoming the associate pastor. He then received his teaching degree and became a teacher educating students for over ten years while still serving God and eventually becoming the senior pastor, where God stepped in once more laying it upon Tim’s heart to serve Him fully. Trusting and following God, Tim gave up his job putting his pastoral duties, helping others and serving God full time first. Tim is truly a man after God’s own heart, showing a love for all of God’s creation. He and his wife Julie have taken missions teams to Russia and Belize doing and sharing God’s Word and Works, building churches, fixing up orphanages, doing vacation bible schools and supporting multiple missionaries throughout the world.